Fresh Qt Extension Library  1.1.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
pActionsMenuBarAn extended QMenuBar having menu/actions exposed by a pActionsModel
pActionsModelA model for presenting menus and actions
pActionsShortcutEditorThis class allow to edit the pActionsNode shortcuts of a pActionsModel
pCheckComboBoxA checkable combo box
pColorButtonA QToolButton that allow to choose a QColor
pConsoleTerminal emulator providing a gui for pConsoleCommand
pConsoleCommandPConsoleCommand is the command interpreter to be used with pConsole
pDockToolBarA toolbar that can manage dock visibility by adding buttons in it
pDockToolBarManagerThis class manage a set of pDockToolBar of a pMainWindow according to its mode
pDockWidgetAn extended QDockWidget class
pDockWidgetTitleBarA custom title bar for pDockWidget that herits QToolBar
pEnvironmentVariableEditorThs dialog allow you to create / edit a pEnvironmentVariablesModel::Variable
pEnvironmentVariablesEditorA pEnvironmentVariablesModel::Variable list widget editor
pEnvironmentVariablesManagerHelper manager for pEnvironmentVariablesModel
pEnvironmentVariablesModelA model to handle your process environment variables
pFileDialogAn extended QFileDialog
pFileListEditorPStringListEditor that handle files name
pGenericTableModelA ready to use powerfull table model
pGetOptA command line option parser
pIconManagerA cache class for icons and pixmaps
pKeySequenceEditA special QLineEdit that allow to define QShortcut
pLineEditAn extended QLineEdit
pLocaleModelA hierarchical model presenting all Qt QLocale
pMainWindowAn extended QMainWindow
pNetworkAccessManagerA QNetworkAccessManager with disk cache and cache settings helpers
pPathListEditorPStringListEditor that handle paths name
pPaypalButtonA custom button providing paypal donation
pQueuedMessageThe is the message structure used by the pQueuedMessageWidget class
pQueuedMessageToolBarA toolbar that handle a pQueuedMessageWidget mimicing the chromium yellow toolbar
pQueuedMessageWidgetA widget that show non blocking queued message
pRecursiveSortFilterProxyModelA QSortFilterProxyModel that does the rows filtering recursively
pSettings::PropertiesThis class defined the properties to apply to a pSettings class
pSettingsAn extended QSettings class that handle ini files with different contexts
pStringListEditorA widget that handle QStringList edition
pStylesActionGroupA special QActionGroup for application styles
pStylesToolButtonA special QToolButton that has a QMenu of available styles
pToolButtonAn extended QToolButton that can be rotated
pTranslationDialogA dialog for handling application locales
pTranslationManagerApplication translations maanager
pTreeComboBoxA special combobox handling a QTreeView as popup widget
pUpdateCheckerA class for checking available update for your application
pUpdateCheckerDialogA update checker dialog
pVersionThis class is an helper for comparing string based application versions
pEnvironmentVariablesModel::VariableThis structure represent the state of a variable